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  Dedicated IP Address
Dedicated IP Address

Dedicated IP Address Hosting and Name-Based Hosting


Generally speaking there are two types of basic hosting plans. Those with a dedicated IP address hosting and those with name-based hosting. A dedicated IP address is an address that is unique to your site. You are the only site on that address. Name-based hosting will put many sites on the same IP address, as many as hundreds of sites. Both of these hosting types would have a static IP address in that it never changes, but only the dedicated IP address assures you that yours is the only site on it. All our web hosting plans come with a dedicated IP address.

Do you have a dedicated IP address with your current host?

Please enter the domain name you want to find out the IP address for in the Ping space below. Example in you enter InternetPlanners.com the results will show
"PING psseuro.com ( 56 octets data" (plus some other data) Write down the IP address.
Now if you go with your internet browser to you will see it lands on this website.
Now try this with your domain name that is hosted someplace and after having done the IP address lookup visting that IP address. If you do not land on your website you are sharing the IP address possible with hundreds of other sites. If you are on your own IP you will reach your site immediately.
Ping your domain hosted someplace.
Please enter the domain name you want to find out the IP address for in the space above. Leaving this blank will perform the test against your computer that you currently using .
Target: www.

Dedicated IP Address Advantages

*** Search Engines ***

The difficulty with name-based hosting is that several, if not hundreds of sites may be sharing the same IP address. Any one of those sites either deliberately or inadvertently may get their site banned by the search engine. When a search engine bans a site it bans the IP address so not only would that site be banned, but every site on that IP address. Although search engines are getting better at dealing with name based or virtual hosted sites there is still no guarantee that you won't get banned because of someone else's actions on a shared IP. Why take the chance? Get your own IP. All our hosting plans include your own IP address.

There are approximately 30 Million crawlable servers globally, two-thirds of which have been blacklisted as spam servers.

Now what happens if any ONE of the hundreds of web sites that are sharing your IP address breaks the rules of one or more search engines? Yes, the search engines may remove or ban that website domain, but guess what...they may also remove every other website using the same IP address. Since it's easier for search engine spammers to get new domain names than it is to get a new IP, search engines often choose to ban IP addresses for abusive behavior. This means that your site can become banned even if you follow all their rules to the letter. You're guilty by association!"
Having a dedicated ip address is very cheap insurance policy for potential damage to your online presence.

*** IP URL Advantage ***

When you have a dedicated IP, you can view your website using your domain name or the IP address. If you domain is not yet pointing to your hosting account, this will allow you to view your site online, without using your domain name. This is mainly an advantage to new clients, so they can view their website prior to their domain resolving.